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Here are a few Frequently Asked Question's...

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Do you develop film?
We no longer do any film developing do to the very low volume of this service.
We do make beautiful prints and enlargements from your already developed 35mm negatives.

What kind of pictures do you print?
We will make printst with any subject matter as long as it is does not break any laws. Basically this means that, we will not develop any nude photos with children or any sexual acts with animals. By the way, we also do family photos.

Are your services discrete?
Yes... Pictures with adult subject matter are given special attention to assure that no one except the person that actually prints your pictures is the only one that sees your pictures. If (for quality reasons) a print is re-made, the reject print is shredded immediately. Your order is returned to you in a discrete manner also.

Will my pictures show up on the Internet?
No, Not unless you put them there. We do not keep any of your prints or negatives. All reject prints are shredded. We wouldn't still be in business if we didn't protect your privacy.

How fast is your service?
Your order is shipped to you, by Priority Mail, in about a week after we receive it. Some services, such as Scanning, large reprint orders and enlargements may take a little longer.

What is your quality guarantee?
We guarantee satisfaction... If you are not completely satisfied, return the order and we'll re-do it or give you a refund.


***************Below you will find questions asked by our customers**********************

Do you have any kind of service where you can also transferr the pictures and send them too my email address. And how much would that be if you do? So im kind of asking 2 things here... thanks for taking time to email me back!

Answer - Yes, we can and/or put images from your 35mm slides of negatives on CD.  Just use the pricing on the order form. The only way we can email you the pictures is if you purchase a CD.  We will email you the photos but will also send you the CD back through the paid for it so it is yours.  Now, this is a service we will do BUT we prefer not to.  Most people email addresses do no have enough space to hold even 1 roll of images.  The file are large.  So, this make us have to do several emails & then try again later when your email box has more space.  Plus, the fact that with so many people & email processors are now using spam filters we don't not know whether you will even receive the pictures.  WE REALLY PREFER NOT TO DO THIS.  Email is NOT secure so in case of a hacker, etc..



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