ElectraStim Accessory - Rubber Cock & Scrotal Loops

  • Model: EL:8127-41
  • Manufactured by: Cyrex Ltd.


Item #: EL:8127-41
No matter what size you are these Rubber Cock and Scrotal Loops from ElectraStim will hit the spot. The size adjuster keeps them in place and because they are made from super conductive rubber they will expand when you do! Use one ElectraLoop around your scrotum and one around the base of your cock. Adjust each loop to the required size using the sliding adjuster and add a lick of conductive gel to each loop at the point of skin contact. Connect one end of each loop to the cable and you're ready to go! Do NOT connect the cables to each end of the same loop - this will just short circuit the stimulation. Adjustable up to 70mm (2.75"). Adventure Pack required for loops to function.

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