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For some strange reason people won't use lubricants, almost like it's a threat to their love making ability, having to use a foreign substance to improve what is meant to happen naturally. Well people get over it! Here are a few things you should know about your natural lubrication... Your natural lubrication provides two very important functions. Firstly, it of course makes it easier for the penis to slide in and out during intercourse, and secondly it also changes the chemical nature of the vagina, making it less acidic so it is more hospitable to sperm. Several things can affect how you lubricate everything, from the time of the month, dehydration, stress levels, to general health and diet, even Diabetes. You need to remember how much a woman lubricates is not based on desire alone. When using a lube integrate it into your foreplay, remember lube is not just for the woman. There is nothing better than a hand job with a palm full of lube. Increase the performance of your newly acquired sex toy with lube. The vibration and stimulation will be more intense, and the penetration will be deeper. Get lube in to the action early, use it to massage and finger. Remember never ever use an oil based lube, like baby oil, Vaseline, massage oil, or hand lotion.

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