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Fun in the bedroom: exotic lap dancing

Want to make your man melt? How about giving him an exotic lap dance? Exotic lap dancing is the perfect way to spice up any relationship. Your man will love it, and you will feel sexy and confident, too! Here are some step-by-step tips to performing the perfect lap dance from start to finish.

First things first, remember that lap dances are about showing off your body and the parts of you that you and your man love. This means you have to dress the part! Get dolled up in a sexy mini-dress, lingerie or bustier, a hot pair of stockings and platforms that will knock him off his feet. Don’t forget the hair and makeup, either. Go ahead and surprise him with a fresh new look or play up your already fabulous features. If you feel the need to practice, now is the time. You look gorgeous and you can watch the moves in the mirror to make sure you appear the way you want.

Next, prepare the surroundings. Play some mood music, whether that be something fast like hip-hop or slow like jazz, to get yourself ready. Place your man where you want him. Sit him in any chair you choose, just make sure you are both comfortable before the show begins. Dim the lights and you’re ready to go. Just the fact that you are so in control will make him swoon.

One of the basic moves of an exotic lap dance is the grinding circle. You see it all the time in movies, on T.V. and in clubs. Enjoy teasing him while standing about two feet away, your feet turned out and hip-width apart. Begin to make a circle with your hips, making sure to keep your back arched, not stiff. Continue to bend your knees and come down as far as is comfortable for you. Have fun and dance as erotically as you can without leaning too far forward or losing your balance. It’s all in the hips, so make sure you’re grinding your little heart out.

Try a few other fun and sexy moves while you are facing him. Capture his knee between your knees and move back and forth on him. Blow in his ear, tickle him, do whatever you know he loves. You can also perform a breast stroke, which is a guaranteed way to arouse your man. Place your hands on opposite sides of the chair and lean forward. Once you’re balanced and firm, gently push your breasts into his face so that his nose is buried between them. Move anyway that feels comfortable if you like – side to side, up and down. You should be able to gauge what he likes and doesn’t like.

Even if your man is all about the breasts, it definitely doesn’t hurt to show off your backside, too. It’s imperative to gracefully, erotically turn around to give him a little taste of your other assets. Do it slowly and rhythmically. When your back is to your partner, you can engage in some other super sexy moves. Give him a little lap dance grind by standing between his legs and bending your knees, coming as close to the chair as possible With your back straight, grab onto your man’s knees and move in a circle or whatever feels right. Rub yourself against him lightly, using his knees for support and if you can, glance over your shoulder at his face and make eye contact. Make sure you don’t cause him (or yourself) any discomfort in the process.

For a grand finale, if you feel stable and strong enough, grab the back of the chair and gracefully place your knees on his thighs with care. Then, slide your knees into the open space of the chair, and slowly slide all the way down until you are kneeling in front of him. Use him to help yourself up erotically and give him a long, passionate kiss. Your exotic lap dance is complete. What happens next is up to you!

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