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Some Terms Used In Bondage Play

One of the first things that many beginner bondage players experiment with is rope bondage as it is usually soft, not too intimidating and this bondage sex toy ties well. Be careful to avoid anything stiff or with an abrasive surface as this may be painful and dangerous if used for bondage play. The girls at www.eroticguide.com suggest washing your bondage rope in the washing machine with a little fabric softener to render your cotton rope suppler and easier to work with.

Wrist Restraints
The classic for wrist restraint is a piece of rope, however, commercial wrist restraint devices are generally easy to use, and allow you to secure your partner with little difficulty. With the exception of metal handcuffs, they are also generally more comfortable and easier on the wrists.

More than just wrists…
Once the hands are bound, you might also be interested in bringing the head and the legs into bondage play. Collars and hoods are typically used for bondage fantasy's incorporating the top of the body, and ankle restraints for the bottom.

Total Body Bondage
Where bondage is concerned, some people do not like to only incorporate a few parts of the body into bondage play—they want the whole enchilada and prefer a total body bondage experience. Fantasy Kits and full body harness, allow bondage enthusiasts the ability to explore all their bondage fantasys.

Close your eyes…
The power of suggestion can bring a tremendous twist to fantasy bondage play especially is you cannot see. Blindfolds used in bondage play can make acting out bondage stories even more appealing for those who enjoy anticipation and surprise.

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