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Recently we have noticed that lubricants, located under the lubricants category to the left, are some of our slower moving products on our site. We ask why? Why would people use sex toys without using a lubricant? Could it be that we didn't have a good selection? Perhaps we didn't carry the brand you like?
Well, we have taken care of that by adding more brand names lubricants and a larger selection. We also were concerned that we really didn't have much information on lubricants or why you NEED to use them any time you have sex. We have now provided you with some additional information on the why's & when to use lubricants.

First of all, do not use oils or petroleum jelly. These products will stay, coating your vagina and anus for many days, leaving a prime environment for bacteria and yeast infections. Oils of all kinds will destroy latex condoms or diaphragms, some oils are
totally incompatible with safe sex.

Water based lubricants are specially formulated to be non-staining and non-irritating. Many water-based lubes contain glycerin, a sweet byproduct of fats. This addition gives a slippery quality to the lube. If you will be having oral sex, don't purchase a lube with nonoxynol-9. The same is true if you have sensitive skin. Water-based lubes all have basically the same ingredients, their main difference is their consistency. Some people like their lube thicker, some like it thinner.

What About Nonoxynol-9?

Nonoxynol-9 is a type of detergent. This is added mostly as a safe sex precaution. These detergents have shown in laboratory tests, to kill viruses, including the HIV and herpes viruses. It's a common ingredient used in everything from baby wipes to contraceptive foams, but it can be irritating to sensitive skin. A lube with this ingredient is likely to have a medicinal flavor and may even briefly numb your tongue.

Why do you need a personal lubricant?

Vaginal Dryness makes sex miserable at any age
While no one can be sure of the exact number of women
who experience vaginal dryness, estimates range from 20 million to more than 50 million current sufferers in America alone. What is known is that this condition can impact all women at any age during any stage of their adult lives, affecting their quality of life and self-esteem.

While menopause is the most common cause of a decrease
in estrogen production, which can result in vaginal dryness, other factors may trigger this in younger women. For example, it is estimated that nearly half of all postpartum (depression or anxiety after child birth) women experience vaginal dryness.

The Experts..
..report that many women are not even aware that they have dryness, only that they have discomfort during intercourse that can range from mild to severe. Many younger women who are pregnant or nursing, on certain medications, chemotherapy or radiation may experience vaginal dryness and not be aware of the cause. Some may even believe that the problem is psychological, not physiological.

Many experts say...
Rigorous exercise can also lead to vaginal dryness. Just like stress, excessive exercise can affect the menstrual cycle, causing a decrease in the amount of estrogen produced.

The menstrual cycle itself can trigger vaginal dryness.
Women may not be aware that the likely times for dryness are immediately prior to or after the period, when estrogen levels are relatively lower than at other times in the normal cycle.

The Alternative Lifestyles..

For the Gay and Lesbian society or anyone who chooses to please themselves with 'sex toys', a lubricant is most necessary. The rectum is not known to produce lubricating fluids and will certainly generate pain and cause skin breakage, which promotes bleeding and the spread of AIDS.

Rubber dolls and 'dildos' are great for releasing sexual anxiety without the risk of STDs or giving up ones virtue but without lubrication it loses it's pleasure. Though they are usually shipped with some kind of gel, you will find that lubricants give a more natural feel.

Some Causes:

Low estrogen levels
from menopause
cycle changes
some hormonal
endometriosis drugs
infertility drugs
hysterectomy and
other related surgeries
stress, fatigue
rigorous exercise

Other factors:

drying soaps

Should I use Lubricant for Anal sex?

YES – The anus unlike the vagina does not produce its own lubrication. Lubricant makes anal sex more comfortable.

Can a Personal Lubricant help prevent Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections?

YES. The moisturizing properties of a personal lubricant can help protect sensitive skin from being irritated, a common cause of urinary tract and bladder infections.

Is it safe to use a Personal Lubricant during oral sex?

NOT ALWAYS. Some Personal Lubricants are for external use only. It is always best to read product labels before you put anything into your body. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer of that particular product or contact your local health authority.

Desensitizing Lubricants and Creams

Maintain without pain - for stronger and longer lasting erections. Maintain desensitizing lubricant provides greater staying power and prolongs the sexual pleasure of both partners. The clear, odorless lubricant does so by assisting in the prevention of premature ejaculation. Maintain sets you free to enjoy the pleasure of sex. And more sex.

Features: Easy to apply a small amount to head and shaft of penis before intercourse. Active ingredient, benzocaine. Includes instructions and advice

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