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Splish, Splash…Using Waterproof Sex Toys While Getting Freaky in the Bath

When selecting the right vibrator for your needs, you must be in tune with your wants and desires. Knowing your own body helps you develop a greater sense of sexuality, and can actually improve intimacy with a partner in the future. The stigma associated with self-gratification has been shattered with the immersion of several methods with which woman can experiment. Let’s talk about waterproof sex toys and waterproof vibrators, ladies.

A wonderful place to begin such experimentation is right in your own private bath. There is nothing hotter and steamier than a woman alone in her bath, awaiting a night of self-pleasure. After a great deal of finger exploration, a waterproof toy and/or vibrator will be a perfect step toward ultimate self…discovery. But before you engage in all the fun, it is important to find the best toy possible that is safe for your intimate areas, as well as in the water.

With ‘water play’, there are so many different options for pleasure, with vibrators and toys coming in various shapes, sizes and methods of stimulation. One toy in particular that can produce hours of fun in the tub is the Ducky Massager, and gals, this is not the childhood rubber ducky you remember! Cute and cuddly on the outside, this innovation is more soothing than bubble bath, and is sure to please you alone, or with your partner.

The fun does not have to end with an intimate massage, because there is the right waterproof vibrator out there for each lady. No matter which part needs the most attention, there is a pleasure chest of opportunity just waiting to be utilized. An excellent feature of waterproof toys is the ability to suction them to the wall, in order to enjoy a fabulous time, hands-free. Enhanced pleasure toys can be a great way to achieve multiple stimulation, inserting the dildo while having extra flickering pieces for direct clitoral stimulation.

It is important to note that the materials with which the vibrators and toys are made can be extremely significant in stimulation and overall pleasure of the experience. Vibrators and toys made with silicone and jelly are much safer for vaginal insertion, while harder materials may pleasure the clitoris more firmly. But, it is always important to do proper research to choose what is comfortable and of course wonderful for your own body. Now, why don’t you try your pool next…but make sure the neighbors aren't watching, unless that’s your thing…

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