> Applying Body Crystals

How to apply body crystals

Clean skin area with soap and dry well. Skin must be cleaned with soap or alcohol or the natural oil from your skin will prevent the crystals from adhering to your skin.

Carefully separate crystals from the backing sheet. If some crystals still remain on the sheet they may be placed singularly after the crystals are applied.

Place the crystals onto skin where desired. Press and hold for 5-10 seconds; allowing the adhesive to work.

To ensure proper adhesion apply firm pressure on the crystals once more.

Crystals may be easily removed from your skin. Baby oil or lotion can be used to loosen the adhesive and make removal easier. (do not wear for more than 48 hours)

It is important to use your own discretion in determining the length of time you leave the Body Crystals on your skin. For first time users we do not recommend prolonged wear. Although no one has ever experienced an allergic reaction to our product, if irritation or redness occurs discontinue use immediately.

For external use only. Not intended for use by infants or small children. Do not use near/in, ears, nose or mouth. Do not apply to allergic or sensitive skin types.

You can always apply a small amount of eyelash glue or body glue (not for eye area) to help secure the crystals in place.

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