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What Are Nipple Clips and Nipple Rings:

Our non piercing nipple clips and rings are made to adorn and to entice! worn singly or in pairs these sensuous nipple rings and clips are designed to stimulate both the wearer and watcher. The are delicately arousing, the dangles tickle against your skin without an discomfort or pain. Nipple clips are designed to encourage a more distinct nipple. This is extremely helpful
for those women who have very little nipple or collapsing nipples.

How Do You Put On Your Non-piercing Nipple Clips:

First things first...you need to make sure the nipples are erect and aroused. You can play with them by tugs twisting, pulling or you could always ask for help from your partner. No question that they would not decline this invitation. Once you have them erect. Just take the clip and open it slightly. Slide over your erect nipple to the top of the "U" shape piece of metal. Tighten slightly. That's it!!! You might want to experiment wearing them a few times at home as you learn to adjust the tension. If they hurt loosen them. Our body jewelry is not intended to cause pain. If the nipple goes flat or get softer then you
can tighten them. By trial and errow you will find the correct tension that is right for you. You should be comfortable wearing them all day or all night.

What Are Clip Clips:

Our clit clips are basically a long, narrow, "U" shaped piece of metal, designed to fit around the clitoris hood, with some light-catching Austrian crystals dangling from the ends. It fits firmly to provide the wearer with clitoral stimulation while the crystal gently caress the inner thighs and is great for clitoral stimulation with every movement. Genital clips are not designed to be painful. Just very sensual and aesthetically attractive with each movement.

How do you Put On Your nonpiercing Clit Clip:

Moisten the clitoris with saliva and stimulate just enough so it is erect. (You could get yourself and little help in this department but, don't get to carried away just yet) Make sure that the chains are not in your way, hold the clitoral hood and the clitoris out, sliding the clip down like a hairpin over the clitoris. I should fit securely and not hurt in any way. We do suggest that when you start out by open the clip just slightly and then once in place it can be tightened. As you become more familiar with you genital jewelry you will discover your own personal fit for maximum stimulation and comfort. Wear them to enhance any lusty evening by candle light at home or wear them out on the town under your clothes ...leave your panties at home.

What is Cock Jewelry - Frenulum Tickler:

This product was designed so men too may combine the ancient tradition of body ornamentation with the excitement created by continual stimulation of an erogenous zone.

How do you wear the mens genital jewelry:

Slide the loop over the penis and while holding the slide ring in place at base of the frenulum, (this is the extra sensitive spot at the underside tip of the penis) snug down the chain so that it is comfortably. The Frenulum Ticker should not be inserted during intercourse but rather slide it to the base of the penis in order to stimulate your partner as he ornament bounces with each thrust.

How Do You Use Bum Bauble - Anal Jewelry

It really pretty simple. Moisten the small cylinder prior to making anal insertion. Using your index finger, insert the cylinder just past the sphincter. (A ring like muscle that normally maintains constriction of a body passage or orifice and that relaxes as required by normal physiological functioning) Leave the dangles showing. Your muscle tone is what keeps it in place. Bum Babbles are designed for both ladies and gentleman's stimulation and pleasure.

Custom fitting You waist chains:

Our waist chains come to you approximately 44" in length and can be adjusted for length so that a few inches of chain can dangle beyond the clasp.

To shorten your new waist chain to fit comfortably around your waist, and have a 4" to 6" length of chain to dangle alluringly, you'll need to do a few simple adjustments with something like a letter opener or a pair of pliers, preferably a pair of needle nose pliers. Decide how much of your chain you need to remove to have the desired finished length. Go to the O-ring that connect each chain piece (if applicable);;;and pry apart the O'ring enough to unhook the chain pieces. You'll have to do this in two places then remove as much chain as necessary to leave the desired length. Then all you have to do is reconnect the chain by squeezing one of the o-rings carefully back together. With you new chain length you can casually clap and unclasp your chain to put it on and sensually TAKE IT OFF as needed!

We hope that the information provided here will help you enjoy your experience in wearing our body jewelry. Whether it's a party or any one night event or your curious as to how you will look pierced then this is the thing for you. No needles, no piercing, no problem. It's easy and inexpensive!

Have fun!!


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