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Intimate Massage - A Little Information

Here are some basic tips:

You need, comfortable warm surroundings, soft lights, privacy, (if shy about nakedness, use warm, soft towels. Music also adds atmosphere, it can be relaxing or sensuous). Warm hands and massage oil are essential. (And we recommend natural organic oil that is usually edible) You need to be relaxed and comfortable in yourself. Never give a massage if you feeling anxious, irritable or depressed. Your partner will pick up on the feelings and feel equally distressed. Start with both you and your partner having a bath or shower. Have your partner lay on the bed, or floor so as to be comfortable. Have your oils, toys close where you can reach. Apply oil to all of the body that you are going to massage Avoid if you can apply the oil directly to your partner's skin because this is often distracting. Rub it into your hands first. Once you start the massage do your best to keep physical contact with your partner. When re-applying oil you can pour the oil over the back of one hand with the other, this helps to keep the feeling of continuity.

Some Basic Massage Strokes Are:


Stroking gently with your hands molding or conforming to the shape and texture of the person that you are touching. You can work from above the head stroking down from the shoulders to the bottom or sit over his or her thighs and place your hand on the lowest part of your partner's bottom with your palms flat and the fingers pointing towards the head. With the weight of your body directed from the solar plexus, start pushing both hands alongside the spine. In general do not press on the spine or other bones unless trained to do so. After this continue to massage using circular palm and thumb strokes, be creative, talk about what feels good.


Move your hands close together in opposite circles, as if you are swimming breaststroke. This is best suited to fleshy areas of the back, buttocks and thighs.

Thumb strokes: Working with the thumbs on the lower back make short, alternate strokes with each thumb, along the length of the spine first one side and then the other.


The light skimming touch of feathering has a soothing effect. You skim your fingertips across your partner's skin, be creative.

Circling: Both hands one on top of the other make in circles in the same direction, up and down the body. On the legs make your stronger strokes toward the body.

Be creative talk to your partner and invent what you feel are pleasing movements. Also talk about what pressure and movement feels best. Enjoy both the giving and receiving. Sensual Massage can lead into foreplay and sexual stimulation.

The experienced, perceptive erotic masseur employs the holistic approach. He or she will appreciate the value of applying a thorough relaxation massage before using erotic techniques. This makes the recipient's mind much more responsive to 'suggestion by manipulation', thereby enabling a magical communion of minds through touch. Delicate sweeps of hands or fingers over areas of skin that have been sensitized by relaxation massage produce prodigiously effective arousal without any need to stimulate the more obvious erogenous zones. The more thorough the body coverage, the better, but just the nape of the neck (most sensitive), spine and shoulders are enough in a normally responsive individual. Maintain relaxation therapy throughout the erotic stimulation phase to maintain production of chorines and endorphins. Avoid applying delicate sweeps too often, as this is likely to deplete these agents and cause 'numbing'.


CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY - A "gentle" massage of the head.

DEEP TISSUE - Used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles to affect deeper layers of the body.

LYMPH DRAINAGE - A therapeutic massage where the therapist uses a gentle "pumping technique" that drains away pockets of water retention and toxins that are trapped in the body. Some consider Lymph Drainage as an anti-aging treatment. The benefits of Lymph Drainage can also be achieved through manual massage, hydro massage, or with aroma therapy massage.

REFLEXOLOGY - An ancient Chinese technique of pressure point massage used to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Mainly focused on the feet, but also can be performed on the hands and ears.

ROLFING - A massage technique aimed to correct problems with musculo skeletal alignment. It is a series of treatments starting in a localized area where movement is restricted through a structural reorganization of larger body segments. Although very beneficial, this method of massage can be very intense and may sometimes be experienced as painful.

SHIATSU - An acupressure massage technique that was developed in Japan. By applying pressure to specific points in the body, it stimulates and unblocks the pathways in the body through which life energy flows ("the meridians").

SPORTS MASSAGE - A deep-tissue massage specifically directed to muscles used in athletic activities.

SWEDISH MASSAGE - A classic European massage technique of gentle manipulation of the muscles with the use of massage oils. It is used to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and creates relaxation.

TRAGER MASSAGE - A massage in which the therapists use gentle and rhythmic movements to release tension and realign the body.

WATSU - A massage treatment using rhythmic movements, pressure points massage and stretches. Performed in a warm pool of water, Watsu massage leads to a state of deep relaxation.

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