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How To Use Sex Toys

How do you use anal beads?

Anal beads are a simple sex toy to use. They are inserted into the anus slowly one bead at a time - in single file - leaving the ring outside. After all, you need something to pull them out with. Some find that the removal of the anal beads at the point of orgasm to be most delightful, while others may find that this stimulation is simply too intense. You will have to explore on your own to determine how anal beads best fit into your sex life. Timing is everything.

Anal Toys

Anal Probes are designed specifically for anal insertion. They are flared at the base so as not to get lost. They are manufactured out of the same dildo materials mentioned above and come in many different sizes and colors. There are also anal probes which are plugs mounted on a handle.

Double Dongs

Constructed with a head at each end. This toy can be shared by two people at the same time or inserted in the vagina and anus at the same time. Double dildos can be either the same size on either end or can be purchased with different dimensions. The key to a double dildo experience is positioning and practice.

Anal Toys - Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are probably one of the first things that people associate anal play with. Basically a butt plug is a sex toy that's inserted and sometimes left in the rectum, it has a flared base so it only goes in so far and has a shape that helps it sit in the butt and not come out until the user is ready.

Many people really enjoy the sense of fullness that butt plugs create in the butt. Some people use them during sex and move them in and out for more sensations. Others like to just leave them in during sex as an added stimulation. Still others actually enjoy wearing them under their clothes as they go about their daily activities of work and play. Butt plugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small training plugs to medium and large plugs. Most people have a variety of sizes and shapes and use them in a variety of circumstances. They may use the small ones to get started or just for some added stimulation. Sometimes people just go right to the larger ones once they are comfortable with them.

What's the difference between Ben Wa Balls and Duo tone Balls?

By and large, Ben Wa balls don't offer the kind of stimulation Duo tone balls provide. Ben Wa balls are just two large ball bearings which are meant to be inserted into the vagina. Typically ¾" in diameter, these balls do not have the mass or the texture to provide adequate stimulation for most women. We recommend using them to strengthen the PC muscle but from our test offer very minimal stimulation but,we have heard different stories from other customers so by all means, why not try them for yourself.

Duo tone balls are two ball bearings that are encased in a slightly larger plastic sphere. These plastic spheres are then covered with 100% pure silicone. These two balls are joined together with a piece of string or nylon cord, which allows the user to retrieve the balls from the vagina after use. The plastic casing allows the heavier bearings inside to roll around causing different sensations as the wearer's hips move about. Duo tone balls can provide some interesting sensations and we have a number of suggestions below to make your experience more pleasurable.

What is a cock ring & how to use it

A cock ring is most often used to make an erect penis harder and bigger, to keep it that way for a longer amount of time, and to delay and heighten orgasm. Cock rings work by constricting blood flow, keeping blood in the shaft of the penis. When a wearer finally does ejaculate, the sensation is more intense, since it took a longer time to come, and because the penis is filled with additional blood.

Cock rings fit over the shaft and the testicles/scrotum when a man is not erect. Ball by ball, the testicles go through, then the penis shaft dives in head first through the remaining ring space. The ideal cock ring stays in place when the penis is soft, yet it can fairly easily slip off or unsnap when the penis is hard. Lube can be added to make putting rings on and taking them off a little easier. - Read more about cock rings here.

Using Duo tone Balls

Duo tone balls (pictured on the bottom left) are simple to use, but they do have some tricks to them. Some of the most exquisite stimulation from duo tone balls can be had by just placing one in the vagina while letting another hang out. This will ensure that the most sensitive area of the vagina is stimulated while allowing the duo tone balls to rock to their maximum effect. Another sensation, which many women find pleasurable, is the insertion and removal of duo tone balls while their vaginal muscles are tightened. This allows the duo tone balls to rock in the most sensitive area while they are removed.
Duo tone balls are versatile in that they are one of few sex toys that can be worn to the office, out to dinner or anywhere you go. Their pleasant stimulation is great for those tough days at the office or those long commutes.

Buying Duo tone Balls...
Duo tone balls are a fairly easy sex toy to shop for because you only have to look for a few key qualities. First, look at what the duo tone balls are covered with. Silicone is generally the best material both for its hygienic properties and its texture. Silicone duo tone balls are normally a bit more expensive because of this. Latex is a good material but it is less than a perfect substance because it is hard to keep clean. It has some porous elements, and some women may have an allergic reaction to latex. It is, nonetheless, cheaper than silicone.

Why Use Bondage Toys

Bondage play, of any kind, is a very forbidden form of sex. Because of all the myths and misconceptions about bondage and S&M many are surprised to find that they really like it. Bondage Toys are a great way to enhance sexual play. They are not something that has to be used every time you have sex, but some do because it's so erotic to them.

Why would someone want to be all tied up and/or beaten?
In order to explain why someone would want to buy a bondage toy, we must first explore why someone would want to explore this type of play in the first place. There are many reasons, none that consist of the people being crazy or devil worshipers. It creates a strong emotional bond between lovers. Giving your body and your mind up to your lover is a way of telling your lover that you completely trust him/her to pleasure you the way you like to be pleasured. Giving yourself in this way is very erotic. It's very exciting. Having your lover tie you up, teasing you and pleasing you and knowing that you can't touch him/her and not knowing what he/she is going to do to you next can be extremely exciting. It creates a strong feeling of anxiety and desire that you don't get to feel without bondage play. For the dominant, being able to have such control over your lover is a great turn on. Knowing that he/she is giving up control of their body to do whatever you wish to, within your lover's boundaries of course. It's a great mind fuck, excuse my language. It allows partners to explore dominance and submission. Simply restraining your lover allows you to enter into the world of S&M. Once you explore it, even on the mild end, you and your partner can decide if you want to dive deeper into actual role playing and maybe more advanced types of play. Bondage toys are designed to provide this pleasure, safely. Most people don't feel it's necessary to purchase a nice set of restraints for their bondage play because there's so many things that you can use around the house. This is true to a certain extent. If you want to incorporate bondage into your sexual play often, it would be safer to purchase adult industry made bondage toys. Most of the things that you find around your house to restrain your partner like stockings, rope, scarves, etc. can be dangerous. These things can get tighter around the submissive's limbs as he/she moves around, cutting off blood flow or even tearing through the skin. Most ropes are rough and can scratch and scrape the skin of your lover. Most adult industry made toys are wider, padded and easy to get out of in case of an emergency. As for flogging toys, the adult industry makes available many different toys that beginners can use to explore flogging that delivers noise and excitement of really doing it, but no pain. So are you convinced yet? No? That's okay, lots of people have been conditioned into believing that any type of bondage play is a mean, degrading and crazy activity to partake in. So don't' give up! Keep reading, there's still a lot more information for you to absorb and digest before making a final decision. There's lots of information within this site that can make using your bondage play more pleasurable, because adult toys don't come with instructions.

Vibrating Bullets

Most Bullets are designed for external stimulation only. Use on nipple area, on or around balls, or slip between sexual partners for clitoral stimulation while being penetrated. The Bullet shape makes them perfect to place between the labia for clitoral stimulation. A Bullet can also be used in conjunction with a Dildo or inside a Harness. Never use a Bullet for vaginal or anal insertion unless the toy has been specifically designed for that area. Magnums are Bullets that are extra long and designed for vaginal insertion. If you use a Vibrating Magnum Bullet inside the vagina, pull the Bullet out with your fingers, do not tug on the cord. As with all adult toys make sure to clean your Bullet(s) properly.

What is a cock ring and how do I use it?

A cock ring is a ring that restricts the flow of blood out of the penis.. This can make some men's erections harder and longer lasting. Many men find the tightness and a pressure to be an enjoyable sensation. The ring is placed at the base of the penis, behind the scrotum (although some use it in the shaft only). It is usually put on while the penis is not fully erect and it is recommended to not leave it on for more then 20 minutes at a time. All the rings we carry can be removed easily in case the sensations become too intense.

WARNING: Do not use cock rings if you have a blood-clotting disorder, bleed easily, suffer from any nerve disease, are taking any blood thinning medication. Do not place over infected, sore or swollen areas.

Why Use A Dildo

Just the idea of using dildos goes back many centuries. The idea of them has been recorded in paintings and sculptures as far ack as the fourth and fifth centuries. The Book Of Kama Sutra features early dildos made of wood, leather and stalks. These recordings show not only women but men using them as well. So this toy, like many others, applies to no specific gender. But why would anyone want to use them? They don't vibrate. They don't twist. They don't rock-n-roll. So, why bother using them? Well, the following will shine some light on the subject.
Dildo As A Place Holder...
Some men have a difficult time keeping an erection and some women have very long fuses, meaning it takes her a long time to climax (there's absolutely nothing wrong with this) Because of this difference in fuses, sex can become a frustrating and unsatisfying experience. That's where dildos can be helpful. If the man climaxes early in the game, or even if the woman just takes a longer time than her lover, he can continue to penetrate her with the dildo. That way all sexual play doesn't stop. It gives him time to recharge his batteries and keeps her aroused. So when he's ready to come back into the game, she'll still be aroused enough to accept him.
Good Vaginal Therapy...
Men who go through a sex change, find that a dildo is invaluable and is even prescribed by their doctors. The vagina that is created is not very elastic and needs to be worked. That's where the dildo comes into play, especially right after surgery. By inserting the dildo daily, the vagina will stay elastic and not close up.
Some people like the sensation of feeling fulfilled in their vagina or anus. Whenever a toy, penis, etc. penetrates the vagina or anus, the muscles contract around it. Many people find this tightening of the muscles to be extremely pleasurable.
Visual and Mental Stimulation....
Your most erogenous zone is your mind, and as much as many feminists won't admit, the penis is a symbol of power, no matter how great or small, it's still associated with power. Penetrating your partner with a dildo can make a fantasy of power play reality. Penetrating your partner with a dildo gives you a real up close and personal view of your lover's vagina or anus accepting the dildo. Some people find this to be extremely erotic, to see their lover pull in the dildo and push out as they get more excited. Men can't get this up close and personal view when he's penetrating his partner with his own penis.
When used alone, a dildo can help a person experiment with different forms of penetration without the anxiety of a lover being present. This is especially true with anal penetration. Maybe you want to try it, but are unsure if it's as pleasurable as you may think. Instead of diving in with your partner, using a dildo alone can give you the experience without worrying about embarrassment.
Oral Sex...
As you're engaging in oral sex on your partner, why not use a dildo to penetrate her at the same time? Fingers and hands are very erotic, but using a dildo can also be very pleasurable for her and will ease fatigue and stress that the giver may experience after a while.
Safe Sex...
Dildos can be a very good form of safe sex. As long as your dildo is wearing a condom, you'll never have to worry about infecting yourself with dangerous bacteria and you can share your toy with a partner. Just change the condom before your partner uses it.
A Sure Thing...
A dildo will never turn you down or tire out. You can use it whenever you want for as long as you want. The only downer is it doesn't cuddle after, but then again, it can't complain either.

What & Where is the G-Spot ...G-Spot Stimulation

Located 3 to 5cm on the front wall of the vagina, the g-spot is an erogenous zone of spongy tissue about the size of a large pea, that surrounds the urethra. It's an elusive little being, but - here goes - some tips to help track it down . . .
Good g-spot positions are squatting, kneeling, lying on your stomach & - reportedly the the best for g-spot stimulation - rear entry. This particular pleasure spot likes quick firm stroking for it to come out to play. Initially this can feel more uncomfortable than exciting . . . persevere . . . see what happens. Stimulate the g-spot & it will swell quite noticeably . . . feel for this swelling & lavish lots of lusty attention on it For some, a dildo gives the solid pressure that g-spot climaxers go for. It can also reach further than fingers alone. G-spot vibrators & dildos have specially shaped tips that curve into the front of the vagina . . . but no sex toy has an built-in pleasure radar, neither do they come with gratification guarantees . . . sorry!
The nerve that sends g-spot sensations to the brain also broadcasts messages from your bladder. That's why a g-spot crescendo can make you feel like running to the toilet. Pee before you get going, then try to relax away from scary thoughts of incontinence.

A g-spot orgasm can announce itself with a gush of liquid - Female Ejaculation! This whoosh of fluid isn't urine (in fact it's a liquid that chemically resembles male ejaculate minus the sperm) but without a sensitive partner & rubber sheets it's easy to feel intimidated that it MIGHT be! We hope you'll be so incredibly aroused that you won't care anyway. Put a towel down & go with the flow!

Nipple Clamps - Nipple Clips

If you enjoy some nipple contact, you might be pleasantly surprised at the erogenous potential of a simple nipple clamp. If you generally have unresponsive nipples, you may be impressed by the increase in sensation gained through these simple toys. Just remember never to leave a clamp on for longer than 20 minutes until you know what you or your partner can tolerate. To create additional sensation, you can weight clamps with fishing weights once you become more familiar with your response.

Nipple clamps are a simple toy to add nipple stimulation while engaged in oral or penetrative sex. Stimulating both of your lover's nipples with one finger is as easy as the pull of a chain and saves your other hand for other activities (heck... tie a string in the middle of the chain, put it in your mouth, and free up both hands)! You can add nipple clamps to masturbation for the same reason. Loop two sets together and add dual hands-free tit stimulation for everyone involved. With all our clamp styles, you control the clamp pressure for your comfort and arousal Nipple clamps are used to restrict blood flow to the pinched area. When the clamps are taken off, the nerves awaken causing intense sensations. For safety do NOT leave the clamps in place for more than 20 minutes at a time.

As most women know, nipples are incredibly sensitive to stimulation. Whether you enjoy a feather-soft touch or a hard, clamping twist, chances are there's a toy or product especially for you

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps can be used for various reasons: masturbation, enhancement of erection, and for men who have trouble getting an erection in the first place. These devices are placed over the penis, and then a vacuum is created by pumping the bulb attached. This is an incredibly erotic sensation for the man, as this simulates the act of fellatio.
It's use as an erection enhancer is quite efficient. If the man has trouble maintaining an erection, the suction may be used to pump the blood vessels in his penis with blood, thus increasing both the hardness and size of his erection. The result can be of greater self esteem for both the man and his partner.

Penis Extensions

These toys sometimes can be a tricky topic for men. Many men refuse to use these devices because they feel that this insinuates that they have a small penis...not so! A woman's vagina can stretch safely a great deal without the danger of sustaining damage, and can be a source of great pleasure for the woman. That said, extensions could be incorporated into sex play as a source of pleasure for both the man and the woman. Extensions consist of a phallic-like dildo with a soft, nubbed pocket for the penis. Once erect, a man can insert his penis into the pocket of the extension and then make love to his partner with the extension (most extensions are held in place via a harness). Upon thrusting, the woman experiences the extra fullness that the extension provides, and the man can enjoy the soft nubs that rub on the head and shaft. The extension is warmed by the bodies of both the man and the woman, so the result can be a very erotic experience.

The Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus

Men looking for the most realistic sex toys always seem to settle on the realistic vibrating vagina and anus, molded from a favorite porn star's body. These are the realistic cream of the crop in sex toys for men, an exact replica of a woman's genitals made from high tech material that feels like real skin. Realistic vagina sex toys are often molded from the real body of an adult porn star. Vaginas have been made from Juli Ashton, Kobe Tai, Nikki Tyler and a dozen more female porn celebrities. More than one of these realistic sex toys is available with both a vagina and an anus that can be used. The vibrator inside most of these vagina sex toys is a powerful one and does the job really well. The use of a realistic vagina in tandem with a porn dvd or tape featuring the actress who's vagina the sex toy is molded from can be the ultimate in masturbation fantasy.
· lubricate the hole in the realistic vagina and lubricate the penis.
· once the penis is erect, insert into the realistic vagina / anus.
· turn on the vibrator module if your realistic sex toy has one.
· plunge the penis in and out of the sex toy until finished using it.
Remove the vibrator parts and clean your realistic vagina with soap and warm water when you are done. Store it somewhere clean and dry.
Artificial Vaginas:
These clever contraptions do exactly as the name implies...they simulate the feel and texture of the female vagina. Most are made of a soft latex material, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Some simply come au'natural...replicating the vaginal cavity, complete with a realistic vulva and clitoris, while others have whimsical themes. These devices are used basically in the same way: the penis is inserted into the toy and is manipulated in a stroking motion, similar to hand masturbation. The inside of these devices generally are lined with soft tiny nubs, designed to simulate the soft folds found inside a real vagina. Use of a quality water-based lubrication is a must with these toys. Artificial vaginas can be an exciting part of foreplay for couples, or for use in mutual masturbation. The partner may manipulate the device for the man, and experiment with different types of stroking and pressure in order to maximize the pleasure.

Sex Toy Kits

Kits offer more scope for experimentation with your sex-play, and give a good introduction to the world of sex toys.

Vibrator kits contain a vibrator and a variety of tips and sleeves that can be slipped on for different types of stimulation. These kits and collections are great for gifts! We have chosen only the best collections for you and your lover! They are especially nice for traveling!

How Do You Play With YOUR Vibrator

A Vibrator can enhance the sex life of both women and men. It gives each of them complete control over the size, depth and speed in which they are being penetrated. Studies show that couples find it 'erotic and exciting' to engage in mutual masturbation.
Why should we use a vibrator?
A vibrator is the single most powerful form of stimulation you can use to give pleasure to your body. For women, a vibrator can offer direct, unwavering vibrations on the clitoris and surrounding region - a feeling often more enjoyable and sensuous than even a partner's tongue, penis or hand. For a man, a vibrator can stimulate his many erogenous areas, including ones he never knew existed. For couples, a vibrator can be both the perfect fix for a routine sex life or an exciting addition to passionate lovemaking. Vibrators are a safe, healthy and perfectly wonderful sensual product designed for everyone.
How do I decide which one is best?
Buying a vibrator should be a very personalized experience - much like buying shoes, or clothing - and it's important to ensure that your vibrator matches your preferences. Is the vibrator just for you, or will you use it with your partner? Will you use it for vaginal stimulation, or anal, or both? Do you want a vibrator for primarily clitoral stimulation? For men, will you use a vibrator for masturbation? These and other questions have to be answered so that you can buy the vibrator that is best suited to you.
Who will be using it?
If you intend to use it with a partner, it's a good idea to pick out the vibrator together. This will ensure that both of you are comfortable with the purchase. If it is for a man specifically, a sleeve might be the best option, because it wraps around the penis, directing the vibrations over the whole area. An anal vibrator is also an adventurous and extremely exciting buy. A woman has many choices, as many different types of vibrators are designed especially for her. It is her task to determine what type of stimulation she finds most enjoyable. She should choose a vibrator that will best massage the area(s) of the body that she wants to stimulate.
What kind of stimulation are you looking for?
Are you looking for deep penetration or primarily clitoral stimulation? Anal or full body massage? Or do you want to try everything? Battery powered vibrators offer fantastic portability and easy handling with a softer vibration, while electric vibrators give unparalleled power. Some men and women prefer the realism of an actual penis, while others would rather try out pleasingly unique shapes. Imagine first how you would use the vibrator, and then browse the selection to see what works for you.

Never used a Lubricant before, so why should I start Now

Why not start now? For some strange reason people won't use lubricants, almost like it's a threat to their love making ability, having to use a foreign substance to improve what is meant to happen naturally. Well people get over it! Here are a few things you should know about your natural lubrication...
Your natural lubrication provides two very important functions. Firstly, it of course makes it easier for the penis to slide in and out during intercourse, and secondly it also changes the chemical nature of the vagina, making it less acidic so it is more hospitable to sperm. Several things can affect how you lubricate everything, from the time of the month, dehydration, stress levels, to general health and diet, even Diabetes. You need to remember how much a woman lubricates is not based on desire alone. When using a lube integrate it into your foreplay, remember lube is not just for the woman. There is nothing better than a hand job with a palm full of lube. Increase the performance of your newly acquired sex toy with lube. The vibration and stimulation will be more intense, and the penetration will be deeper. Get lube in to the action early, use it to massage and finger. Remember never ever use an oil based lube, like baby oil, Vaseline, massage oil, or hand lotion.
The two main reasons for this are:
They will affect the chemical structure of condoms making them break down and unsafe to use It will do the same to latex or rubber sex toys.
Oil based lubes do not wash out of your body easily, so they can help harbor infections and general problems, like Thrush. Oil based lubes are not pH balanced either.
Don't be afraid to use lots of lube, although you may find you don't have to, with a good quality lube e.g. Wet Stuff or Astroglide (sorry about the shameless plug). If you find that it dries a little quicker than you like, add a little water to re activate it. But most of all have fun with lube, remember it's your friend, not your enemy.
There are a lot of good reasons to use lubes. Women don't always lubricate as much as they might need. Drinking, stress, cold medications, tiredness, and many other factors can affect how much you lubricate, regardless of how aroused you are. A good lube provides a helping hand.
Lubes are also very important for sex toys, since they really do require extra lubrication (they tend to absorb your natural lubrication). Of course, anal sex without a lube is not a good idea. A little lube in the tip of a condom will add a little extra slipping and sliding that can add considerably to the man's pleasure. Lubrication also helps dramatically reduce the chance of a condom breaking. Lubes can also just be fun in general, adding some extra slickeriness to hand jobs and other forms of play.

Disclaimer: The above information has been gathered from our research on this subject.
We cannot be responsible for any problems or damages from using these suggestions.

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