> The New Look In Body Jewels

The New Look In Body Jewels
Body Jewelry from Sylvie Monthulé

Big things really do come in small packages. Sylvie Monthulé of Paris features tasteful, unique and non-piercing gold- and silver-plated body jewelry. Creator of erotic jewels & ornaments that truly have to be experienced to be fully understood. Located a few miles from Paris, in a small discrete street Monthulé imagines, draws and creates Erotic Jewels. It has dreamed about and produced to caress your secrets... For a sublime enjoyment year around . These are cast metals, so they're not stamped. Sylvie sat down and created a mold, and each piece is individually cast with beautiful detail and thick gold or silver plating.

If you haven't notice that it seems that everyone is wearing body jewelry, even if you can't see it, believe me, they are! It doesn't have to hurt for body jewelry to be erotic, exotic or exciting - you can get the non piercing body jewelry. If you are looking for some a bit more unique, Sylvie Monthulé designs are made to stimulate some real excitement. An added plus is for many, piercing is something we are not going to do but, that doesn't mean it can't look like we've taken the plunge. It's a perfect way to be a bit outlandish and sexy at the same time.

From a decorative zipper embellished with a small crystal created to wear as a thong to non-piercing nipple decorations, waist chains, and even genital body jewelry designed around matching themes in gold and silver. There is a large collection of beautiful jewels for below the bikini line for both women and men. Try some non piercing body jewelry so when your lover undresses you he or she gets a wild surprise! A discreet way of reflecting your style. Erotic Jewelry in harmony with one's body and desires.

Before and after each use to clean your jewel. - For those items that might be insertable you should always use a gel lubricate before insertion - Do not use your penetrating jewel if the areas “are irritated” or “sensitive”. - Do not divide, do not lend your penetrating jewels to other people or sexual partners.

What left to say but, whatever your age you can and should enjoy everyday with a complete zest for life and that includes your sex life.

Love, Blondie

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