> Nothing But Fun: Adult Toys For Anal Sex

Nothing But Fun: Adult Toys for Anal Sex

Many people may feel that anal sex is still taboo after all these years.  But as our society is becoming more open about sexuality, anal sex continues to be an avenue for exploration among straight couples.  Adult toys for anal sex have become more popular as the taboos against anal sex have diminished. 

So what are some adult toys for anal sex? 

Anal Beads: these items adult toys for anal sex look similar to a beaded necklace, but these aren't your grandma's pearls!  Anal beads are used to stimulate the nerves in the rectum.  Always insert the beads slowly and one at a time.  They can be inserted during foreplay.  Removing the beads during orgasm can heighten the orgasmic sensation as those nerve endings in the rectum are being stimulated.  The beads come in a variety of sizes - small, medium and large are typical.  Vibrating anal beads are also available.  These have a small vibrator in them that adds additional stimulation for arousal of the rectal nerves.  Another point: when used in a male, the beads can also stimulate the prostate gland which lies near the rectum.

Anal Plug: also simply called "butt plugs," these adult toys for anal sex are placed in the anal opening and are used to produce a feeling of fullness.  They are meant to be "locked" in place by the rim muscle of the anus.  Sensations are heightened when the plug is removed during orgasm, again stimulating the rectal nerves.  If used during oral sex with a man, removing the butt plug during his orgasm will also stimulate the prostate.  Always used lots of lubricant for comfort and uising a condom is also recommended for cleanliness and for safe sex practices.

Anal Probes: these adult toys for anal sex are similar to plugs in that they are inserted to produce a feeling a of fullness as well as removed during orgasm to increase pleasure.  These are longer than a butt plug and and can be used in a similar fashion to a dildo.  These devices can be used to stimulate the male "g-spot" which can only be found during anal play.

Words of advice: always use plenty lubricant while using adult toys for anal sex.  The tissues in and around the anus and rectum are very sensitive and also prone to injuries such as tearing.  And remember to use a condom with adult toys for anal sex to help ensure cleanliness and for safe sex.

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