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Sex Toys For Couples
When people hear the words “sex toys,” chances are no two people will think of exactly the same items.  Someone may think of dildos, while someone else might think of a vibrator.  Still another might think of handcuffs.  As the saying goes - “different strokes for different folks.”  Some sex toys are designed for self-pleasure, while others are sex toys for couples.  Sex toys for couples can turn a ho-hum sex life into a yee-haw sex life!

Sex toys for couples may include the strap-on dildo.  There isn't a lot of guesswork involved in what this item is.  Basically, it is a dildo that is attached to a harness that one partner wears around their waste.  When looking at it, there isn't much doubt about what it is used for.  It is mainly used to emulate sexual intercourse between two people.  It may be used during lesbian sex, with one female wearing the strap-on and then entering the second female either vaginally or anally.  It may also be used by a heterosexual couple with the woman using the strap-on to enter the male's anus.

Also included when talking about sex toys for couples is a cock ring.  One of these can be placed on the male's penis to add stimulation during sex.  They may have bumps on them that provide extra stimulus to the vaginal or anal region.  Some cock rings may also have an extension for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation by the penis.  Another added function of the cock ring is that it can aid the male in postponing ejaculation and sustaining an erection for a longer period of time. 

When looking at sex toys for couples, people should not forget about the dildo.  As a lot of people know, this item is an artificial penis that a person can insert vaginally or anally to imitate the act of intercourse.  Typically viewed as a sex toy for self-pleasure, the dildo does have a place in couples play.  For example, during lesbian sex, dildos are very common, but even during heterosexual or gay sex between men, this sex toy can be a fun alternative.  Many factors go into its use, such as:

• size (go for comfort, not necessarily size),
• lubrication, and
• cleanliness (make sure the toy is clean and even use a condom to take extra precautions against infection).

These are just a few types of sex toys for couples that may add fulfillment to a couple's sex life.

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