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Sorry I'm All Tied Up: Bondage Sex for Beginners


Bondage sex is best described as a mutually agreed upon form of sex play where one partner ties up the other. One person acts as the active partner and the restrained partner is said to be passive. Depending on what the passive person enjoys, they may be totally passive or they may play the part of a reluctant participant, struggling against being restrained. This play-like struggling that the partner does is part of the excitement of the sex play and should not be confused with true panic or agitation.


With that thought in mind, there are some things that people should know prior to getting involved in bondage sex. They include, but are not limited to:


  • Both partners agree this is something they want to do. If either partner is reluctant, postpone bondage sex until both are willing.

  • Bondage sex should never be coercive. If one is feeling pressured into doing the act, it is not going to be fun for both partners. The intent is to please, not to hurt.

  • Do not practice bondage sex with a new partner. Get to know each other first. Bondage sex is something that requires a great deal of trust. If a partner is unwilling to observe common sense practices during bondage sex, then the other partner should second guess doing this act with that person.

  • Set up rules. Discuss what will and won't be allowed. Be safe. While some people love the thrill of taking risks, remember that people have died during acts involving bondage sex. Set up a safe word. This is designed so that the restrained partner can communicate if in pain or simply is not enjoying the act.

  • If using handcuffs, the restrained person should have access to the key so if they need to get out of the cuffs right away, they can do so. This may also lessen feelings of defenselessness during bondage sex.

  • Only use restraint items that are specifically designed for the purpose of bondage sex. Using other items such as wire or ropes could cut off circulation and cause serious injury.

  • Do not tie anything around someone's neck during bondage sex. This could cause accidental strangulation. Likewise, never leave a tied up person alone. In an emergency, this person would be helpless.

  • As for the sex act itself, safety applies here as well. Use a condom and avoid alcohol and drugs during bondage sex.


Observing these practices will help to ensure that the act of bondage sex is enjoyable. As the participants try bondage sex on a regular basis, they will soon learn what each person enjoys

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