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How to find your g spot
Where is the g-spot and what is it, exactly?

What has been popularly called the g-spot is the location within the upper wall of the vagina through which the urethral glands (female prostate) can be felt.

The search for a "spot" on the upper wall of the vagina, as opposed to searching for the female prostate or urethral glands through the upper wall may be contributing to the difficulty of finding the g-spot.

Women whose g-spots are highly sensitized can experience multiple-orgasms and they can also ejaculate. The vaginal orgasm is deeper and may be more satisfying and emotional than a clitoral orgasm.

The g-spot is sensitive to firm pressure and can be developed by stimulation. If a woman wants to quickly develop an awareness of her g-spot, she should (with practice and patience) stimulate herself with a vibrator or her fingers. There are also acrylic wands designed specifically for this purpose, such as the Crystal Wand.

To begin this g-spot voyage, she should…

Urinate before attempting to find the g-spot.
Get into a squatting or sitting position (sitting on the toilet is recommended)
Insert a finger(s) about two inches into her vagina.
Explore and apply firm continued outward (towards the clitoris) pressure to
the inside front wall of the vagina until there's an urge to urinate. This urge to urinate indicates the location of the g-spot (female prostate) and the start of her orgasm(s).
Continue applying pressure until she orgasms.
Note: The g-spot feels a little like corrugated paper, with a ridgy texture.

When firm continued pressure is applied to the g-spot, a woman will feel like an urgent need to urinate. Because of this, it's best if she experiments while sitting on the toilet. After emptying her bladder in Step 1., she can ignore the urge to urinate and go quickly on to orgasm.

When a woman's g-spot is stimulated it will give her a distinct feeling and the g-spot will swell and become a small lump.

Firm pressure is required in stimulating and arousing the g-spot than is required in stimulating the clitoris which is a much more sensitive organ. Just as a man's penis needs stimulation before an erection occurs, a woman's g-spot becomes swollen after prolonged and firm pressure is applied to it.

Some women who experience g-spot stimulation will ejaculate a clear fluid at the moment of orgasm, and some may feel a need to urinate just before it happens. If you do ejaculate, you will notice that the fluid is much clearer and whiter than urine and does not smell like it. The fluid is as much as a man's ejaculate, colorless, almost odorless, and certainly enough to wet the bed.

A man can help his woman in experiencing g-spot orgasms and ejaculation by inserting his index and middle fingers, into her vagina and firmly stroking the inside front wall with a "come here" motion. Reasonably strong pressure is required. A stimulated g-spot will feel spongy and different from the rest of the vagina. Stroking the g-spot firmly in this way can bring on a relatively quick orgasm or several of them. The area becomes hard and firm like an erect penis as it swells, sometimes to the size of a walnut. It can be felt between the man's fingers pressing the front of the vaginal wall and the woman's fingers pressing down on her abdomen just above the pubic hairline.

The g-spot does not lie on the vaginal wall itself. It is felt through it.

Whereas a woman can begin the experimental voyage of inside stimulation, it is easier for her partner to stimulate her than for her to do it herself.

Women have reported that they have difficulty locating and stimulating the g-spot by themselves (except with a dildo, a g-spot vibrator, or similar device) but they have no difficulty in identifying the erotic sensation when a partner stimulates the area. The problem with trying to locate the g-spot by the woman is that she needs very long fingers and/or a short vagina to reach the area while lying on her back.

For more detailed guidelines on locating the elusive and mysterious g-spot, we encourage you to get your copy of a unique special report, by completing the form on the left.


Safe Sex and the "G" Spot

To be completely safe with manual stimulation:

Wear gloves that fit you properly (the best gloves to use are latex gloves as vinyl feels terrible)

Always use water-based lubricant as oil based lubricants break down latex and can provoke vaginitis when used in the vagina.
Appropriate lubricants are sold here.

Basic Hygiene

make sure your fingernails are cut short and are clean (in monogamous, infection free relationships)

use latex gloves with short fingernails (in casual or infected partner relationships)
if long fingernails are essential for any reason (fashion, music, etc.) place cotton balls around your fingernails and wear latex gloves over them
use liberal amounts of water-based lubricant and wash hands thoroughly with hot soapy water afterwords

T o explore this area, have your partner lie down, knee bent and feet flat on the bed, with a small pillow under her buttocks. Insert the length of your lubricated fingers into her vagina towards her navel. This will be about two inches inside the vagina. Press with one or two fingers against the front wall of her vagina. Because it's surrounded with tissue and is deep in the vaginal wall, you may want to apply a little more pressure than usual.

When you stimulate the right spot, it will swell the way your penis does. Slide your fingers from side to side. Have your partner tell you when you hit the right place. She will be able to tell. When you find the sensitive spot, continue stimulating it and you may find that it becomes firm and swells much like the erectile tissue in your penis.



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