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Hello Sex Lover’s! I thought we would have a little one sided gabfest here about one of the accessories on my site which I always get lots of questions about:

The “Cock Ring

Over time, the term “cock ring” has developed into a wide variety of accessories which restrict the cock and balls. Primarily, there are two types of cock rings, 1) decorative and 2) functioning.

The ‘decorative’ cock ring is just that; decorative. It can be exquisitely decorated and also be quite elaborate, using metal, rubber, leather, chains or even spikes to enhance the visual satisfaction. Many decorative cock rings have a hasp or ringlet which allow a leash or lock to be attached to enhance the “Slave” or “Prisoner” fantasy. Decorative cock rings typically encompass the entire penis and therefore, are not meant to be used during sexual intercourse or while masturbating. Decorative cock rings can have a wonderful effect in your fantasy role playing and sexual foreplay.

The “functioning” cock ring actually provides a biological function for your male partner. This type of cock ring generally goes around the base of the penis and the scrotum and can help a male maintain an erection. This is accomplished by restricting the flow of blood out of the penis by compressing the veins near the surface of the skin. The arteries, which allow blood to flow into the penis are located deeper inside the male’s penis and not affected. This typically results in a man getting harder and staying longer. Yeah! You can use a functioning cock ring during intercourse or masturbation since they do not interfere with the shaft or head of the penis.

Let’s concentrate now on using a functioning cock ring.

First, a short tutorial in how to put on a cock ring if it is just that, a ring, with no snaps to aid in getting it on and off.

Step 1: Pull the scrotal skin through the ring.

Step 2: Pop the balls through.

Step 3: Bend the penis down and pull it through the ring.

The penis should be flaccid when putting on or taking off a cock ring for the best results. In order to remove a cock ring, perform the 3 steps above in reverse order. If you’re still having a problem, try using a little lubricant.

So many of the questions I receive about cock rings are related to what size is right for me. And, let me tell you, size does matter. Especially when it comes to cock rings. Use a ring that is too big and too loose and you’re defeating the purpose of the ring. Use a ring that is too tight which cuts off all retreating blood flow and you could end up with a very painful trip to the Emergency Room. A generic rule of thumb to find the diameter of ring that will fit snugly is to measure the distance around the cock and balls behind the scrotum, then divide by 3.1. For example if the distance you measured is 6.2 inches, dividing by 3.1 gives us 2 inches. This means don’t purchase a cock ring smaller than 2 inches in diameter.

Some rings help alleviate the sizing issue by providing snaps along the leather or rubber strap which makes up the ring. This way you can adjust the size of the ring to what is most comfortable and works best for you individually.

Some people ask; Is a cock ring right for me or my partner? Well, that depends on what you are trying to achieve. A lot of men and women just plain like the look of a cock ring, especially if it is a decorative ring used to enhanced foreplay or fantasy play. Some men just like the feel of their cock and balls in a ring. Some men say that wearing s cock ring intensifies their orgasms. And of course, a cock ring can create a larger, harder erection.

Whatever your reasons for using a cock ring, enjoy yourself and your partner, be careful not to use a ring that is too tight, and always practice safe sex.

Love, Blondie

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