> Why Use Glass Dildos?

Why Use Glass Dildos?

Borosilicate glass, e-Glass, is a medical grade material that is the same as Pyrex. It the same stuff as they make your glass baking dishes from. e-Glass is also hypoallergenic! No allergic reactions or discomfort like many people experience when using latex or silicone items. Each glass toy is hand-crafted by evenly heating and cooling the glass. This extremely durable material is non-toxic and can easily go from the dishwasher to the freezer without fear of damaging the glass in any way. E-glass quickly adjusts to the user's body heat, and can maintain different temperatures, so the user can experiment with various hot and cold sensations!

This careful process creates an incredibly smooth, hard glass that sparkles with color and light. So you end up with a not only a unique glass pleasure wand but a piece of art. Glass dildos are fascinating providing a whole lot of pleasure with almost no friction when used with a lubricant.. Pyrex Glass is the finest material available for sex toys!

As with anything glass, please exercise caution. A nick or crack makes it extremely unsafe so, you do need to be careful not to drop on a hard surface. Although it will not hurt your glass dildos to be put in a microwave PLEASE REMEMBER, the surface could become EXTREMELY HOT. You could burn those extremely delicate, sensitive areas so we really don't recommend it. You should probably get the same sensation of warmth by just letting it stand in a glass of warm water. Just the opposite would stand true for putting it in the freezer. Try soaking in some ice cold water. Just remember to feel it with you fingers before putting it anywhere else.

EASY TO CLEAN! Glass massagers are very easy to clean and maintain. No special cleaners are required, although a quality cleaner is recommended. No special chemicals to keep it safe. You can fully sterilize glass sex toys with boiling water or in the dishwasher. They also don't collect lint or hair like some other materials do!

Glass dildos will have you embracing the elegant artful allure of glass pleasure wands. The non-porous surface of Pyrex

G lass dildos have become one of the most in demand sex toys in the adult sex toy industry today. If you have never had fun with adult novelty products or if your partner is hesitate to do so, then a Pyrex® glass dildo is a great way to find that erotic inspiration you have been looking for. Who could resist using such a beautiful work of art?

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