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Love to Shine?: Crystal Tattoos for Your Body

Girl, you know it aint no mistake that they say diamond’s are a girls best friend. Jewelry is a surefire way to any classy woman’s heart. But a new ring, necklace or pair of earrings can be expensive. There is a much cheaper way to glisten, glitter and sparkle. Say hello to the crystal tattoo.
Maybe “jewelry” isn’t exactly the right word to describe the crystal tattoo. But a crystal tattoo is a super-sexy way to sparkle. It’s like jewelry applied right to your skin! Adding a sassy crystal tattoo to your bod is sure to help you stand out in the crowd.

Crystal tattoos can be applied almost anywhere on the body. For a super glamorous look, apply crystal tattoos around your eyes. Line your eyelids, under-eye area or create an arc following the natural shape of your eyebrows for a dazzling update to your normal makeup look. Or draw attention to your face a different way with a sparkling ear cuff.

Tons of women have lower back tattoos (tramp stamps), but a lower back tattoo made out of crystals is totally unique and sexy. Lower back tattoos can be applied to any large section of the body. Wrap your arm in elegance with an arm band or apply a tattoo to your spine and bring sexy to your back. Since crystal tattoos are re-usable, you can wear them on your spine one day, your shoulder the next and your lower back the day after that!

You’re skinny like a model and you’ve got toned abs, too. Why not grab some attention with a glitzy crystal belly tattoo? With or without a complementary naval ring, crystal belly tattoos are sexy, sparkling and downright gorgeous. Try a huge spiral or dangling design. These tattoos shine whether you’re lounging poolside and soaking up some rays or simply chillin’ on your sofa waiting to seduce your man after he throws down his briefcase.

If you like things a little racy, you might want to try a crystal nipple tattoo. Wear a crystal nipples tattoos underneath a sheer top to totally tantalize your man. He’ll be so excited to see you in that sexy, see-through top to begin with that adding a dazzling new nipple accessory into the mix will totally make him weak in the knees. There are a ton of designs you can try, from a hot pink heart to gorgeous, sparkling seashells a la The Little Mermaid, so you are sure to find something you like.

Whether you just want to add a little sparkle to your eyes or surprise your man with a risqué nipple tattoo, crystal tattoos are the perfect inexpensive, re-usable and totally glamorous way to add a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of sexiness to your body.

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