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Non-Piercing Body Jewelry: All the Look, None of the Pain

When it comes to pain, you’re a little bit of a chicken. Needles have never really been your thing and the mere thought of a permanent hole in your body for the sake of a cute piercing has never really appealed to you. But with a wonderful invention called non-piercing body jewelry, you can experience the sexiness that comes with pierced body parts without making a lifelong commitment (or enduring any needles!).

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Faux body jewelry doesn’t just mean clip-on imitations. If you love to show off your abs, adorn your belly with a sexy waist chain. Belly chains are an exotic, inexpensive way to put the spotlight on your stomach. And a perfect way to sweeten things up in the bedroom is with a candy belly chain. Yep, a belly chain adorned with sweet, delectable candies your man will love to taste. Of course, there is also another super-sexy alternative to the naval ring: the non-piercing naval ring. This adjustable, adorable, easy-to-wear ring clips right into the naval. This makes it easy to clip-on a ring before hitting the club or beach – and to remove it the very next day.

For the more risqué lady, a sexy nipple clip might be the perfect addition to your already sexy physique. A simple, sexy nipple shield will draw attention to your breasts without the pain of an actual piercing. You could also try a longer, dangling, dazzling nipple clip or nipple necklace. Nipple necklaces clip to each nipple separately and connect to each other with a sexy chain. Talk about a way to draw attention to your bosom!

And when it comes to that area down under, you’ve always dreamed of a having a sexy pierced clit, but actually going through with the process scares even you. There’s still a way to look great without the pain. A non-piercing clit ring adds sensitivity and sexiness to an already sensual and sexy area of the female body. Spend an evening with your lover as he helps you attach your new piece of jewelry – it will be a fun, sexual experience for both of you!

So it really is possible to enjoy the benefits of a sexy pierced body part without all the pain and scarring. What a fabulous, inexpensive way to add a little extra sexiness to your beautiful body.

You don’t need to endure needles to get the sexy pierced look! Get a piece of non-piercing body jewelry and skip the commitment to lifelong scars.

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