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Blondie’s Guide For Cleaning And Care Of Your Sex Toys.

Increase your pleasure, safety, and extend the life of your sex toys.

Since you purchased one of the quality sex toys from our web site. I thought you would like a few tips and ideas how to take care of your new pleasure toy. This guide will help you ensure your toy lasts a long time and your sexual bliss is safe. There is a short paragraph for each type of material that most toys are made of.

Sex Toys Cleaners

Acrylic Toys

Acrylic dildos offer a wide range of shapes and styles. Acrylic has the look of glass, but since it is a plastic it can be scratched easily and has a tendency to dull. It is best not to clean your acrylic toy with rubbing alcohol, since alcohol can cause cracks to form in the acrylic and dull the finish. Acrylic is tough, so you won’t ruin your toy if you clean it with alcohol. But, it is best not to do so. Ideally, you should clean your acrylic toy with warm water and a mild soap. When drying your acrylic toy, do not use paper towels, paper is made from wood and can cause the acrylic to scratch. When your finished cleaning your toy after use, store it in a cloth bag or wrap it in a soft towel to protect it from scratches.


Want a life like feeling toy? CyberSkin is one of the best available. Made from silicone and plastic it closely simulate the smoothness and softness of skin. CyberSkin is somewhat porous. So, like latex and jelly it should be cleaned with soap and warm water carefully. There are also special CyberSkin cleaning solutions. To avoid damage never submerse your CyberSkin toy in water. CyberSkin doesn’t like direct sunlight, and must be completely dry before storage between uses.


Soft, smooth and flexible, Futorotic material may be as close to the feel of real skin as possible. Clean your Futurotic material toy with a damp cloth with hot water and a mild soap. Don’t submerge in water and dry completely before putting your toy away. Never use harsh cleaners or strong soaps. In order to ensure the life-like feel and softness lasts sprinkle your toy with talc. Keep your Futurotic toy out of direct sunlight in a clean storage place. It’s best not to store your Futurotic toys with any rubber toys you may own as the materials may stick together.


Easy to clean, a great feel, and a long lifetime. Glass. Basically, you should wash your glass toy with warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap. Glass toys are even dishwasher safe. However, be careful which type of soap you use to clean your glass toy. If after cleaning you experience any type of reaction or discomfort, discontinue the use of soap and wash the toy thoroughly with warm water.


Easy to clean with water, a small amount of soap can also be used. Although, soap will not sterilize the Jelly toy. There are a number of good cleaners designed specifically for sex toys which will remove any germs from the jelly material, and usually leaves a clean fresh aroma. Never use rubbing alcohol or non-water based lubricants with your jelly toy. These types of product will break down the material.


Cheaper than silicone or jelly, most dildos are made from latex. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean your latex toy. Latex toys do not last as long as jelly or silicone toys.


Metal and plastic toys have similar cleaning requirements. Although metal toys are a bit rare. Warm water, mild soap, and a little sex toy cleaner work wonders on metal. A soft cloth with alcohol will also work.


Similar to metal, plastic toys have hard smooth surfaces. Use the same methods to clean your plastic toy as you would a metal toy. However, be careful about the amount of waterproofing your plastic toy has. Never submerge in water or wash under running water unless the toy specifies that it is waterproof.

Rubber Dildos, Anal Toys & Butt Plugs

Clean with mild soap and water. Rinse well and make sure your toy is completely dry. The easiest way to keep a rubber dildo or butt plug clean, is to use it with a condom each time. That way, all you need to do is remove the condom. Rubber dildos do become more flexible with time. To speed up the process, leave it in the sun for awhile; however, you might want to make sure you've left it in a place that can't be seen by neighbors or your kids!


Soap and hot water are the only things you need to clean a silicone toy. The quality of a silicone toy is generally so high that non-electrical or mechanical toys are dishwasher safe, or can be boiled on the stove. Bacteria has a problem growing on silicone toys because the material is much less porous than latex or jelly. Use a condom if you share your dildo with a partner. Silicone may be less likely to spread germs, but it is better to use a condom. Unless your silicone toy has plastic parts attached, you can also sterilize it by boiling or washing it in the top rack of your dishwasher.
NEVER use a silicone-based lubricant with your silicone toy. They are not compatible and the lubricant will take the finish off your toy. Do not break the surface of the silicone toy. Silicone toys can tear easily if just a small crack has formed. If you're using the toy with a harness, use water based lubricant if the toy does not fit easily through the opening.


IMPORTANT! Use only water-based products (lubricants) with all latex items such as condoms. Oil or petroleum based products will eat latex!

UR3 (Ultra-Realistic 3)

Developed to feel like real skin, UR3 is smooth, soft and flexible similar to CyberSkin. Simple to clean, use mild soap with warm water to clean your UR3 toy. Then towel dry with a soft towel, again not a paper towel. Let your toy dry completely before storing. Most manufacturers of UR3 toys recommend or provide a powder to keep your toy supple. To avoid discoloration keep your toy out of direct sunlight.

Battery Vibrators

Do NOT ever immerse your vibrator in water! Vibrators can be wiped clean with a cloth dampened with warm water and/or alcohol. If there is a cord between the vibrator and the battery controller, do not tug on the cord. Do NOT use this type of vibrator anally as it could easily become lodged in the rectum if the cord were to break. Use only toys with a flared base for anal stimulation. When retrieving this type of vibrator from the vagina, do NOT use the cord like a tampon. You'll need to reach in and grasp the toy itself. Never use the same toy vaginally that has been used anally. Use a condom over the toy if it's to be used for this purpose or if it is being swapped between two people. This goes for all toys, not just battery vibrators!

HEAT & YOUR VIBRATOR! Battery operated devices do generate heat when in operation. This is normal. However, if the vibrator does not have access to air, it could become hot enough to cause injury. Do NOT lie on top of the vibrator or the battery pack. Make sure it is completely off before putting it away and do not fall asleep with it on. The best way to do this is to remove the batteries after use. To conserve batteries and to prevent possible leakage from batteries (thereby ruining your vibrator), always remove your batteries after use. Types of Batteries: Some vibrators come with batteries. These are NOT good quality and should be discarded. You want to use a good quality, alkaline battery, such as Energizer or Duracell. Poor quality batteries tend to leak and ruin your vibrator. Also, they are usually very weak. And speaking of weak, stay away from Ever Ready also as these are not powerful enough.


Clean harnesses with mild soap and water. Let it dry completely.
Do NOT leave your harness in front of direct heat.
To keep leather items soft and flexible, you may want to buy some leather conditioner which can often be found in tack/horse supply stores.



Store your adult toys in their original packages, zip lock bags, or any other container. You don't want your toys touching each other, the latex will begin to disintegrate, the jellies will melt into one another.

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