Masters Violator Ribbed Butt Plug With Suction Base

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It's 10" around at the head , which makes it 3.18" wide. The ribbed section is 9.5" or 3" wide.
I finally got it inserted after a good 5 tries , once the head popped in it felt real comfortable, I quickly went down and felt the ribbed section going as far as I could putting all my weight on it , took all the ribs and it felt really great , then it got stuck to the upside down clothes basket I used as a stool. Well needless to say the dildo fit so tight in my ass that I ended up picking up the clothes basket in the air for over 40 seconds cocking up one leg on the tub and the dildo stuck in my ass and it finally started to slide out slowly, one rib at a time until it got to the huge head, my sphincter didn't want to open up to release it but finally did , it popped out of my horny fuck hole,
Now I feel like a worn out slut, thanks to Blondie, she got me this dildo, she should be proud of herself, she really fucked my world up , made me open up to this awesome suction plug !!!!
I will tell you, I've fucked hundreds of dildos in my life and never once have I had one stuck inside me like this one did. Next time I'm just going to insert it and get it stuck up good inside me and just go lay down in bed for a few hours to keep my fuckhole stretched out real wide.
Thank you Blondie for making me feel like a wore out fuckslut whore!!!
Date Added: 08/20/2018 by Thomas
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